About Us

If I had to say when “jiffy’s” actually began I’d have to say it began back when I was just a kid and I would have to attribute the concept of a Hotdog restaurant and ultimately “Jiffy’s” to my father.


Growing up in a predominantly Hungarian community on the east side of Toledo I was exposed to all kinds of Hungarian and Bulgarian cuisine. My mother was Hungarian and my father was Bulgarian and we were a family of nine. Mom, Dad, Grandma, six brothers and one sister. All of us kids by the age of 9 or 10 could cook, clean, sew buttons on our shirts, iron our own cloths, vacuum and launder cloths…separate whites from darks… even in cold water cycles…(wink)

Mom had all us kids in the kitchen helping her preparing food for dinner so, we learned to make many of the traditional Hungarian and Bulgarian dishes and sweet breads. Our all time favorite was Dad’s “Hotdog Chili Sauce!” It cooked on the stove for hours and I remember the whole house had an irresistible aroma that drove us all wild with anticipation…We as kids would be running back into the house probably every 15 – 20 minutes asking dad “Is it ready yet Dad?” Coney style hotdog chili sauce and Bulgarian style sausage (Sa’juke) is how its pronounced but I’m not sure of the spelling… these are the only two foods I remember my father ever actually making start to finish but he was usually close to the kitchen however, when our mother was preparing any Bulgarian dishes as was his nature…lending suggestions and critiquing as mom would cook his favorite dishes.

It was nearly a decade after becoming an adult myself that my father shared the recipe for the hotdog chili sauce and I’ve been cooking it ever since.

It was my fathers dream to open a hotdog restaurant featuring the Coney style chili sauce we grew up enjoying. So several years after my father passed away I decided to buy two hotdog businesses at the Home Depots here in the Denver Metro. I owned and operated these for about 4 years after which I decided to sell them to fulfill both my Dad’s dream as well my own to open a hotdog restaurant. Thus “Jiffy’s” was born!

Now on days I cook a fresh batch of our Coney style hotdog chili sauce I can almost hear my dad lean over the stove and say …“Is it ready yet son?”

If your new to “jiffy’s” and haven’t tried our chili dogs… we’ve tried to make it easy for ya as we feature 2 for only $4.95 and they come standard with onions and shredded cheddar cheese topping them off but you’re welcome to omit cheese or onions, and you can add mustard too if you like. Here are a few other choices on “Jiffy’s” Menu…These are all loaded and can be ordered as Combos-

  • “The Chicago Dog”
  • “The New Yorker”
  • “The Colorado Pepper Melt”
  • “The Godfather”
  • “The Sicily”
  • “The European”
  • Also,on the menu: Bratwursts, Hebrew Nationals, Hot Links, ¼ pound Vienna’s, Italian Beef, Meatball Subs, Fresh Cut Fries, Momma’s Home-made Potato Salad and more!!!

    From our family to yours – Thanks for taking the time to read the history of Jiffy’s Hot Dog Deli!

    Chili Dogs – Brats – Burritos – Italian Beef – Freshcut Fries